Aluplast is a specialized company on manufacturing and installation of profile systems in aluminium, light façades, curtain walls and metalwork.

Since the beginning, one of our main goals has consisted on putting into practice our knowledge and experience. Actually, today we can demonstrate this through more than 35 years of effort and a highly capable team of installers within the field of metallurgy.

We are constantly updated on new techniques and materials used in construction, focusing our endeavors toward opening, building and developing solid partnerships in collaboration with the best suppliers, technologically advanced and innovative. Consequently, ensuring the best quality product aimed to our customer's satisfaction.

Most of our points of action span over the area of Levante. However, our determination to succeed on taking new challenges contributes and influences our diversification to other geographic areas, such as Madrid, Alicante or Andalucía.

Mission and Values

Our brand value is built upon knowledge and expertise, aimed to our client's satisfaction. We are constantly working on the integration of rationalized work systems and a specialized team of professionals, highly skilled in the management of advanced technology.

In Aluplast, we do believe in the value of investment in human capital. We support our team through resources and tools that will allow then to a high competence in the management of new production methods and machinery. All of them subjected to supervised quality tests.

We pursue the enhancement of key partnerships and relations with competitive suppliers, who must keep a committment to innovation and functionality. We value the binomial aesthetic-function, so we try to combine them through architectural trends depicted over modern and habitable buildings.