In Aluplast, we choose quality. Nowadays, we collaborate with some top brands in the market of materials for sidding and cladding on facades. Trespa International and Stac Bond are our main suppliers, specialized brands in the design and production of high quality architectural plaques for external and internal surfaces.

Due to a great quality on its composition and our committment to innovative solutions, we have a wide range of possibilities available and aimed to solve our client's needs. Our investment in new applications leads us to the implementation of modern and advanced installation systems on light facades.

The panel composite plaques Stac Bond is a great solution as outdoor cladding material. It is composed by two sheets in aluminium and thermosetting resins. Due to its extraordinary flatness, high sefftiness and machinable, this installation system is highly adaptable to diverse designs.

Trespa is a new and attractive concept used on sidding external and internal surfaces. The laminated plaques are constituted by fibres from wood and resins subjected to high pressures. The result is a highly compact and resistant surface, that could be exposed to unfavorable weather conditions. Its great hardness and possibilities of completion in colors eases its installation in all kind of structures and buildings.